Executive LeadHERship Coaching

As ambitious, goal-oriented women in executive leadership, we face a myriad of challenges in both non-profit and corporate spaces. From imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastination, to feeling burnt out we find ourselves in states of busyness juggling, spiralling, and feeling as though we are not getting anywhere.

Does this sound familiar?

Now, imagine this: you are embarking on a transformative journey with me as your coach, your ally, your supporter, and your critical friend. Our one-on-one coaching sessions will be a monthly adventure for at least 6 months. We’re going to dive deep into what it takes to climb to a LeadHERship position and how you can embrace an impactful and authentic leadership style.

Get ready for a profound transformation as we explore the depths of your aspirations and ambitions. We’ll uncover the barriers holding you back and cultivate the mindset needed to sow the seeds for enduring personal and professional relationships.

Embrace the changes that are bound to happen as you shift your self-perception and redirect your energy towards unlocking your fullest leadership potential. Through introspection, we’ll navigate the landscape of your identity, discovering your gifts, talents, strengths, and values. We’ll also confront your inner critic and restore the self-image you hold of yourself. Ultimately helping you break free from self-sabotage patterns and dismantle limiting beliefs that have hindered your progress.

I’m here as your guide, supporting you through the pivotal steps leading to your ideal career opportunity. Whatever your next steps may be, our collaboration ensures not just success, but sustained and meaningful success.

Executive Leadership Coaching is all about real-life practice—sharpening your leadership skills exactly where you want to shine. So, if you’re gearing up for the next big thing in your career or business, or if you just landed a new opportunity, let’s chat. Your journey to leadership excellence? It starts right now!

Six-Month Executive LeadHERship Program includes:

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